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Ungerboeck is now Momentus Technologies.

Risk Manager

Custom risk technology specifically developed for venues and events.

Analyze and assess your event and venue risk using Risk Manager.

Prepare your venue and events for the unexpected with Risk Manager by Momentus. It helps you plan for the prevention of risk incidents by making risk assessment simple. Capture issues and ensure risk management processes are followed, tracked, documented, and reported.

Complete Risk Overview.

Flexible and fully configurable incident dashboards allow risk monitoring and oversight for complete Risk Management.

Use existing risk assessment templates or create new ones for different types of events, assign and manage risk controls, collect data for risk analysis, and run customizable reports.

Identify High-Risk Events.

Analyze and assess your event and venue risk using Risk Profiler.

You’ll be able to identify events that will need special attention. Enter your event details and generate an overall risk score that helps you be proactive about mitigating threats and reducing potential liability.


Schedule Tasks

No more guesswork. Task Management allows you to plan, assign, and track important tasks, risk controls, or corrective actions.

Real-Time Issue Updates

Get real-time updates from your control rooms with Issues Management.

Pin Issues to Your Venue Map

The built-in Mapping tool provides geospatial awareness of your entire venue.

Manage Contractor Requirements

Track documents supplied by contractors including safety plans, insurance certificates, and other important compliance requirements with  Contractor Management.

Record and Report

Record, track, and report incidents that happen at your venue with the Incidents tool.

A Library of Risks and Controls

Access an extensive Risk Library of templates or search for specific risks and controls to help make risk assessment easier.

Download Our e-Book

Step-by-Step Guide to Event Risk Management

Access this e-book to learn how to use the ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Guidelines to follow a best-practice approach to event risk management.