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Ungerboeck is now Momentus Technologies.

Third Party Terms & Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Electronic Signature

Ungerboeck is an Authorized Reseller of DocuSign Services provided under a limited-capability, limited-use license of the DocuSign Service that is only available for Customer use in conjunction with the Ungerboeck Integration. DocuSign Services required outside of Ungerboeck Integration will be referred to DocuSign for DocuSign to contract directly with Customer for those additional products and services. Purchase and use of the products and services listed above are subject to the terms and conditions in the DocuSign Reseller Master Service Agreement link below.

Ungerboeck will be sharing reasonable information with DocuSign including but not limited to user, usage, and organizational information for DocuSign to provide DocuSign Services. The exchange of data, service, and support provided are between you and DocuSign. Ungerboeck does not warrant or support DocuSign Services.